।। शिवाय अर्पणामस्तु ।।

Our Mission

My vision is compassion towards all living beings
Making people discover there ultimate potential
leading towards Superconcious breakthrough

This has grown into various activities that are carried out by devoted souls

Feeding the hungry
Healing the suffering
Spiritual Awareness to all
Submerging with Supreme Almighty

- Yugannath Gyaaniji

Karthikeya Foundation is a non profit organisation headquartered in Pune,Maharashtra, India. The Foundation strives to eliminate hunger by implementing the evening Meal Programme on daily basis. It provides nutritious meals to needy people everyday. Karthikeya foundation also aims to counter malnutrition and support right to education of children hailing from socio-economically challenging backgrounds. We also do clothes donation to needy people who are really in need of this.

Karthikeya Foundation also do Tree plantation program on every Sunday .Tree Plantation is First Service every human being should do for nature. After Plantation we have to take care for 1-2 years only trees will take care of your 5 generations .

Every Sunday Please take time in Morning for Plantation. Plant trees allocate spaces for them with help of Muncipal Corporation. This Trees will make you disease free just increase the green cover of Bharat. Those who plant and care 1 lakh trees get Indralok Padvi. There is Simple Logic where there is Greenery there is Prosperity. Never let anyone cut trees for thier interests Stand for them Indra will stand for you. As per Divine law. Every human being should plant atleast 1000 tress in his life.

Free Meditation - We conduct free meditation sessions, If you want you can join us.

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Over the last two years, we have impacted and helped improve the quality of life for more than 1000+ people in the surrounding areas via several projects like food donations, cloth donations, health and nutrition, social welfare management, youth empowerment and environment conservation.





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