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Our Mission

My vision is compassion towards all living beings
Making people discover there ultimate potential
leading towards Superconcious breakthrough

This has grown into various activities that are carried out by devoted souls

Feeding the hungry
Healing the suffering
Spiritual Awareness to all
Submerging with Supreme Almighty

- Yugannath Gyaaniji

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Gyaaniji has vast experience in Spirituality. His Speech contains Self-Motivational, Health, Wealth, Mind, intellect, Divine consciousness, Spiritual Awareness, Astrology, World Politics, Siddha medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic life Style, Varma Kalai, Mantra Shastra, Study of Saiva Siddhanta Vedanta Yoganta, Samadhi and Mukti.


Gyaaniji, is a prolific speaker and a proponent of the philosophy and teachings of Saints, Rishis, Munis and Gyanis of Shaiva Sampradaya. He has dedicated his life to spread his teachings in a scientific perspective. Gyaaniji's lectures are very insightful and always backed up by his through research on the subject. Gyaaniji's mission is to develop ancient knowledge as a daily practicable doctrine with scientific validation & to deliver it to the world as an education. ___________________________________________________________________________

Gyaaniji is a philanthropist, he Donates Food, Clothes to the needy people regularly. ___________________________________________________________________________

For further information on SShiv SSabha, Please message on the following WhatsApp number at: +91 8459504562. Kindly avoid phone calls.

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